Saturday, 22 December 2007

Dirty Bingo anyone?

SO its friday night in London town and venue that serves alcohol is pumping. HSAH finds herself wandering through angel in think fog to find Clockworks - a venue that doesn't look like it normally hosts gigs - for Dirty Bingo's christmas party and in particualr to catch Little Death (as previously mentioned on HSAH)

So the merriment brings with a few glasses of few and the DJs playing great indie hits! Little Death hit the stage at about ten (no one is really counting the minutes here) and the audience are confronted by a pan Alantic band that now have ther roots in London who look like they've stepped out of the nineties.

Their set lasted for about half a hour and Little Death fused sounds from their obvious inspirations - pavement / sonic youth - but they also managed to create an epic sound on some tracks like Broken Hill.

With the indie market becoming saturated by barstadised verison of The Libertines it is refreshing to find a band that take a new approach to music. More importantly there seems to be a number of bands out there like Little Death, who may not be the biggest commercial hit but they help retain HSAH hope for the music industry.

Now time for tea.

Interesting Finds

Whilst wandering through Fopp HSAH picked up a copy of Neutral Milk Hotel's album In The Aeroplane Over The Sea, which has been reissued through Domino records. Admittedly I picked it up due to liking the artwork and didn't know much about the band but have subsequently found out that this album originally came out in 1998 by this Amercian four piece. This album is a gem of gravily vocals, noisy feedback and surreal lyrics that are occasionally about World War Two. For example one track is called Holland 1945 that tells the story of a girl buried alive.

Another Album that HSAH loves is Les Savy Fav new album Lets Stay Friends. Les Savy Fav's sound filters between the soft melancholy of The Flaming Lips to the raw sounds of Pavement. They also have an innately disco feel to them which is transparent on a number of tracks including Kiss Kiss is Getting Better that makes them feel like their contemporaries like The Hives or Modest Mouse.

Vice Tour

So uber cool magazine, Vice, have decided to go on tour with support from topshop and its shaping up to be pretty good.

Here is some press release jargon:
"Another year, another package tour? Nope. Not another package tour. The Vice Live Tour, presented by Topshop, will be the first tour of the year to bring together what will be three of the most talked about bands of 2008 and present them for FREE across 4 dates with special guests and DJ's and acts at every stop. Each show will be the biggest party your city will see all year with some the most exciting talent the next 12 months will offer, including two bands tipped in the NME's top 10 acts to watch in 2008."

These new, exciting bands are: Black Kids, Friendly Fire (can you really call this band new?) and ipso facto (can you call this band exciting?).

Go to to register and get a free ticket!

Thursday, 20 December 2007

Friday night is alright!

If anyone is looking for something to do on Friday then get down to Dirty Bingo at Clockwork, Angel, to see Little Death and Untitled Music Project. I believe Little death are on first so get down their early.

Wednesday, 19 December 2007

PiX party

The uber cool magazine, PiX was celebrating in a truly festive style on Tuesday night with a party at the Hoxton Bar and Kitchen. HSAH had the honour of attending this invite only party and also had the joy of queuing with all trendies in the freezing cold. You know your in Shoreditch when you see a girl with crazy flashing earrings, a dude with bright red, asymmetrical hair (yes that was Patrick Wolf) and lots of pouting in front of mirrors. All this, of course adds to the ambiance of the night.

Taking to the stage for this night of festivities were Ipso Facto, Ox Eagle Lion Man and The Myserty Jets. Ipso facto's set was frightful dull and they are definitely one of those bands who have more style over substance. Next one was ox eagle lion man and after seeing them at the rock feed back night HSAH was really hoping for more than she got. Again they were just dull and their songs weren't put together that well. Thank god for Mystery Jets who pulled off a brilliant performance. Firstly the venue really suited them, it was just the right size to feel imtimate and to feel the engery off of band and their fans in the audience. They also seemed to play more of their hits then when they played at BE so when they did play a new song you didn't mind. They ended their set, as ever, with Zoo time which if you havent heard before is like a tribal, chanting track that definitely leave the audience on a high.

Monday, 17 December 2007

The List...Part 1

With the end of the Year approaching that only means one thing - Lists. Lists always appear around the end of the year and they range for your shopping list to top 100 best moments of the year. This is my list which may appear in parts (depending on how well my memory serves me) and it will showcase my favourite tracks of this year. Now with the introduction finished lets move on to the first track...

Whta can you say about this track? It's just amazing!

This track immediately caught my attention for sounding like an DFA 1979 track. With its thumping base lines that return QOTSA back to their rocker roots.

This is a beautiful, cheery song that always puts me in a happy mood. It also makes me bob my head from side to side - a sign of a sure winner.

FIEST - 1, 2, 3, 4
This lady has had busy year and this song really demonstrates her playful side. It's great!

Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Munch Munch

White heat has long been known as the establishment of fine alternative music and has showcased some of the most exciting bands around. For example Death From Above 79 played at white heat when it used to host its nights at a venue just off of regents street. My 18 year old heart screamed with excitement each time they announced new lines. Now, in my tender age of 22, I rarely go there, mainly, because it is on a Tuesday.

Therefore stepping into the madame JoJo, felt a bit like stepping back in time and this was all in aid of seeing Munch Munch.

Munch Munch hail from Bristol and are an experiment indie outfit that have recently gained single of the week on Drowned In Sound. Well done to them! Their sound infuses Architecture in Helsinki with Bearsuit to create sound that sounds like four songs in one. What stood out to HSAH was the amazing drumming and the multiple change overs that happened throughout their set, which gave their performance a load of personality. HSAH thinks it fair to say that it would be wise to keep an eye out for Munch Munch in the future.

Monday, 10 December 2007

Pan I Am

Sunday morning quickly turns into Sunday evening and with darkness brings Blue Flowers through the combined acts of poetry, spoken word and music.

Blue flowers, you maybe wondering, is a new night to grace London. Its normal home is Chiswick but for this special event the Lyric theatre played host to an array of unique talents including Patrick wolf, Rumble strips and Johnny Flynn. The main aim of Sunday's entertainment was to welcome back, to the fore Ed Larkin (once of Larkin Love) and his new band the Pan I Am.

Once entering the lyric theatre one was greeted by an in door market and short films. When invited to be seated (yes, this was a seated favourite type of gig) the night was opened by the Blue Flowers main man who mapped out proceeding and invited the first speaker on stage. He was a handsome chap but framed sentences that HSAH didn't quite understand. HSAH fears they may have been strung together for affect rather than to make sense.

After this Johnny Flynn graced the stage and did a short but sweet set that included his first single tickle me pink. Johnny Flynn was equally as talent without his band and with more hair than some of the bigger names on tonight's bill. Another undiscovered gem that emerged from Sunday nights proceeding was Polar bear - a Brummie MC - whose gritty lines made everyone chuckle.

The First half closed with Charlie from Rumble Strips, whose voice sounds as good live as it does on CD and with this HSAH went to get another glass of Chenin Blanc.

The second half opened with the slightly surreal, wellington wearing Patrick Wolf (HSAH didn't realise thatHammersmith was so muddy!) who again did a short set but managed to steal the lime light with his almost celebrity indie status and panache for unusual clothes. This left Ed Larkin to end Blue Flowers and expectations were high.

Kicking off with a mighty crescendo of guitars, the Pan I Am certainly seemed to be a lot more metal than Larkin Love were. However as the set wore on Pan I Am's set became more palatable and with greater input of the violinist, Ed's new band seemed to return to The Pogues infuse racket that we were once familiar with. This is not to say that Pan I am were not good. HSAH actually prefer Pan I Am as the set progressed. My particular fave was track three (sorry to be vague they didn't share the names of their songs).

This just left the long tube journey home.

Wednesday, 5 December 2007

The Bookhouse Boys

6 Music keep playing the Bookhouse Boys' new single, tonight, which is amazing and sounds like it would prefectly sit on the Pulp Fiction sound track. Maybe The Cramps have influenced them?! Who knows but they definitely get my vote!

Tuesday, 4 December 2007

The Joys of the Weekend.

With the weekend over it can only mean one thing and that is the HSAH round up of all the fun things that she managed to get to. Friday night was a bit of a wipe out but Saturday brought with it the Mystery Jets.

After many DJ appearance at BE, Mystery Jets finally pulled out all the stops and gave the crowd a unique performance. Not always the most exciting of bands live they wowed the crowds with an array of new and old tunes. Alas Anges being one of my favourite, which cam at the end of the set! Support came from Holy Hail and Friendly Fires. Sadly HSAH got there too late to check out Holy Hail but Friendly Fires, with an extra member, were brilliant. Their electro clad tracks sat well with the overall feel of BE with its panache for all things electro. The night was top off with DJ sets from BE's David H and Adventure Close to Home.

Sunday night heralds another night of pubage fun! This time entertainment came from Sunday Best - the musical identity behind Bestival - at the amersham arms, New Cross. In a typically Bestival style, the night provided a mixture of the weird and wonderful from great music to slightly odd bestival carry overs. The man in the pirate outfit must have been hot in this fake dreds!

A delightful set came from Sportsday Megaphone who has previously released material through rough trade and is definitely one to watch out for.

Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Twee as Fuck

The next Twee as Fuck is on the 14th Dcember and has Hatcham Social playing, who are actually very good by the way. Go on...Buy a ticket!


HSAH can happily announce that she has got her Bjork ticket for the 14th April at Hammersmith Apollo. Tickets are on sale now and HSAH will be down the front row with her dad!

On a new note.

Lets talk about films. I rarely approach a subject that isn't music so, in my forward thinking mind frame lets discuss the new Blade Runner film, which HSAH went to see last Friday.

Being the age that I am, I missed the first time around when Blade Runner was shown at the cinema. HSAH was very excited at the prospect of seeing it in the cinema after years of owning Blade Runner on DVD. HSAH was not disapointed when the film started up and looked amazing on the big screen. The aerial shot over LA at the beginning of the film became more alive on the big screen and the scale of the architecture created much more of an impact when compared to my small TV at home.

Although the directors cut didn't differ greatly from the DVD version of the film it was great to see the film on a large screen to truly gage its full, original impact. Blade Runner seems to have a timeless style to it that can capture all ages imaginations. It will not disappear in time like tears in the rain.


So the Kooks played the union chapel on saturday as part of the little noise session and what can I say. Whilst their 'hits' were entertaining the rest of the set left a lot to be desired. Boring is the key word when describing this band. If i wasn't as drunk as i was i could have quite happily left! They were supported by the Pigeon Detectives, who HSAH has seen on another occasion but missed on this night. I am sure it wasn't a great lose to my life.

On a brighter note the Mystery Jet will be gracing the bloomsbury ballrooms for BE this weekend with a host of other bands and DJs.

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Vice party

This Thursday Vice host their 5th Birthday at heaven, London. Live sets from Lovvers, hatcham social, The teenagers, the horrors and many many more....

Bjork on tour!

Bjork has announced a UK tour for next April, dates as follows...

11 Apr: Manchester Apollo
14+17 Apr:London Hammersmith Apollo
22 Apr:Plymouth Pavilion
25 Apr:Wolverhampton Civic Hall
28 Apr:Belfast Waterfront
1 May: Blackpool Empress Ballroom
4 May: Sheffield City Hall

Sunday, 11 November 2007

Christmas parties

As the temperature outside cools down, HSAH dancing spirit rises up from the depths of her soul. Is there a better time of year to celebrate then this? Probably not, considering this quarter brings us all the festive joy. HSAH has, in the vain of Poirot, investigated the best pre Christmas/New years parties around. Fear not, a NYE summary will also be supplied at a later date.

1. The fine purveyors of the Lock Tavern and Adventures in Beetroot field et al have created Gods Average Speed which will be taking place on the 8th December at SEOne (London bridge). A host of DJs ranging from Skull Juice to People are Germs will be playing a fine selection of TUNES through out the night. Keeping the live element alive will be a fantastic array of bands that are definitely reminiscent of Field Day. Liars, Pete and the Pirates, XX teens, Light speed Champion and Lets bitter Cinema amongst others will be taking to the stage for this night of musical mayhem!

2. HSAH has stumbled upon a new night in London called The Rakehell's Revel, which takes place every Tuesday at the Grill Rooms on Regents street. To quote Time Out: "Dress to the nines for this soirée where you'll hear '20s, '30s and '40s big band, Russian gypsy music and the like. You'll come away never wanting to wear jeans or Converse again." Sound like a grand night out to this girly!

3. Of course there is always Saturday nights at Madam JoJo's for Lost and Found, which has been making a name for itself as the finest rockabilly, reggae, Dub and northern soul night out. This is definitely a night to embrace and enjoy right in the centre of London. Its the the sort of night where you wished the bands wouldn't play and the DJs continued throughout the night.

4. BE! now that BE has moved from the Proud Galleries in Camden it has become more of occasion. On the 1st December BE returns to the Bloomsbury Ballrooms and hosts the Mystery Jet's London date of their tour. Not only this but the friendly fires will be playing...lets hope they bring the party poppers!

Rake this up

If you have stumbled into the Lock tavern of late, you would have surely seen the posters for the Rakes gig that is taking place there on Sunday. Best thing is that it is free so get on your dancing shoes and trot down to Camden this Sunday!

Slowly does it!

Yes HSAH is rather slow at keeping people up to date with music news and she apologizes deeply. The problem was that a trip to Vietnam stood in the way of HSAH being continuing up dated! surely you can understand?! No... oh well.

Anyway, apologises a side, Beirut played at the round house last night and insiders have told me that the gig was spectacular and HSAH is not surprised. If Beirut's first album Gulag Orkestar and the release of second album The Flying cup club is any thing to go by then the haunting sounds of Beirut would surely have been tantalising!

Friday, 12 October 2007

The Clientele

So its Wednesday and HSAH is walking around east London when she stumbles into the Cargo. This Wednesday at cargo was a special night as the Local was is town to host a night of highly delectable sounds from the likes of The Clientele and the North Sea Radio Orchestra. The Clientele was promoting the release of their fourth album, God Save The Clientele (out now) and by did they do it well.

Check out there sound on :

Thursday, 4 October 2007

Guillemots - Back to Mine

So its the return of Back to Mine and this time its up to guillemots to welcome us in to their humble abodes and choose the records. With this selection we get to see into the guillemots' minds and what has influence them to create the sound they do. The big question is: is it any good? Throughout this album there are hidden gems and the plain strange. choosing sonic youth to sit next to liars and bjork sounds like my musical heaven but the choice of the bizarre Tartit makes me wonder are they being arty for the sake of it. Who can actually say? Certainly not me that's for sure. Overal it is a good album to have and to play when milling around or chilling out.

Friday, 28 September 2007

to Be or not to Be

Be, one of HSAH's favourite nights out in London, has moved to the Bloomsbury ballrooms. The first of these nights is taking place this Saturday (tomorrow) with Pete and the Pirates playing a live set and Whitey DJing. Get out your glitter, a don a shiny outfit and get to BE. If you don't go, you loose out!

Rock Out

So yesterday was Thursday and that can only mean one thing, Rock Feed Back night at the buffalo bar. yes that's right, with a up line including ox eagle lion man and Fanfarlo how could HSAH not be there?!

Fanfarlo were brilliant. They fulfilled my twee indie dreams with their trumpets and xylophones. Maybe it was just the three drink haze that i was in but each song they played kept my head nodding and leg jerky. The surprise of the evening was a band called wet paint who managed to re create pavement's sound with a London, beardy twist! they also rock the plaid shirt stylistics.

So that only left ox eagle lion man to take to the stage. With all the hype around this band i was expecting big things. Were they fulfilled? The simple answer is NO. The question to ask is 'can indie cliches take the edge off of a band?' I think the answer to this is yes they can and the best example of this is ox eagle lion man. Their songs...well the ones i heard...were pleasant even jolly but the black skinny jean clad, verging on goth guys in the bands, looking rather sombre really made me cringe. Plus not being able to take my eye off of the singer's skinny jeans was distracting. They were unbelievable skinny. He may have been more comfortable in leggings.

Again HSAH leave a gig early. What is happening to the world? Maybe HSAH needs to find better bands to watch.

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Those Dancing Days

So its Saturday night and we are in one of London sleaziest areas, Kings Cross. Renounced for prostitutes, dodgy restaurants and one legendary venue...well two if you include the scala but for the sake of this post lets presume there is one, The Water Rats.

The Water Rats played host to a very special on Saturday and continued to add to the hype that's surrounds Those Dancing Those. Hailing from Sweden this was TDD second gig in London and you could feel from the audience there was much excitement about their arrival.

After two large glasses of wine and full stomachs HSAH made her way into the small and incredible hot venue (we left early due to the heat). We waited eagerly, toes tapping and hands emulating a fanning gesture when finally a bunch of very young and very cute bunch of girls made their way of stage. Their set kicked off and continued as it mean to go on in a very indie pop style with jiggly jangly tracks.
By about the fifth song in HSAH couldn't handle the Sauna effect in the back room of The Water Rats and promptly left. Since this gig HSAH as not been able to escape the melondic tones of TDD...damn 6 music!!!! Thankfully their single - Those Dancing Days - is brilliant and is one of those songs that can brighten up any bad mood you may be in.

Thursday, 30 August 2007

Look what i found the other day...

When was the last time you saw one of these? bloody brilliant!

Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Long time no see

Firstly, big apologises from being slow to write on here. HSAHs has been very business like a bumble bee!

Since our last encounter HSAH has visited the higher realms of the buffalo bar in islington to see the maccabees who performed there with jonny flynn as part of transgressive's / rock feed back's night. After the late start some serious dancing kicked off and the Maccabees played their usual string of hits that, by the end, started to merge into one.

On a completely different note HSAHs went to a prom...not a dance type prom but a BBC prom with a venazulan orchestra who were amazing and even managed to dance with their instruments. it was a sight to behold.

Over the weekend HSAHs got out of the big smoke and travelled to bristol for some jazz...nice. However at the 'jazz' festival there was a serious lack of anything like jazz but who actually likes jazz?!

Tonight tonight...HSAH was at the barfly checing out Two Gallants and eugene mcguinness who was tres bien (listening to edith piaf now). He has a new album out so many invest some capital into.

This mildly adequate catch is now over!

Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Fandango you say...




Full Listings below /

Maps / British Sea Power / Fanfarlo / Shit Disco / Operator Please / Friendly Fires / Good Books / So So Modern / Pete & the Pirates / The Early Years / Get Shakes / Electric Soft Parade / Misty’s Big Adventure / Eugene McGuiness / The Clik Clik / Monkey Swallows the Universe/ Malcom Middleton / Kissaway Trail / Simple Kid - And more TBC

When it comes to new music there is no greater source then Club Fandango. Lauded among new music fans across the country and respected by some of the industry’s biggest names; CLUB FANDANGO has become the guiding light for A&R men and a veritable hot pot of new and exciting talent. Faultless with their bookings and forever pushing the boundaries their 6 six-year reign remains unsurpassed. Now with a host of regional gigs across the UK, a thriving label whose current roster boasts Ra Ra Riot, Misty’s Big Adventure and Cut Off Your Hands, and a soon to be launched monthly magazine – FAN-ZNE – Club Fandango has never be so rich or relevant as it is six years from its inception.

Those in the know have been heading down to the weekly night at Camden’s Dublin Castle for the last six years to see some of the very first live performances from bands such as Arctic Monkeys, Coldplay, Kaiser Chiefs, Bloc party, Polyphonic Spree, The Killers, Razorlight, British Sea Power, Dogs Die. Just a handful of the many who have trodden the Fandango boards and gone on to become today’s super-bands.

To celebrate their 6 years at the forefront of indie, this September will see them launch their most spectacular musical extravaganza to date: ‘A Fistful of Fandango’ - bringing Londoners six consecutive nights of cutting edge tips for the top, and bands to make your mouth water. ‘A Fistful of Fandango’ will thrust into the musical arena a unique hotbed of new talent featuring the finest line up of tomorrow’s stars. Six nights of music await kicking off at their spiritual home The Dublin Castle on Tuesday 4th September and finishing off at the much loved and laid back Constitution. Perfectly book ending four superlative nights of music at The 229 venue on Great Portland St this is set to be one memorable week of music.

Every evening from the 5tth-8th September at The 229 Venue there will be an astounding array of live acts running non-stop throughout 2 rooms. Continually alternating, allowing punters to see as many bands as possible, the four nights will include performances from the likes of Maps, Shit Disco, Electric Soft Parade, Friendly Fires, British Sea Power and Operator Please and this year’s Diesel U music winners-The Steers and Get Shakes amongst many, many others.

The large room will feature contributions from all of Club Fandango’s esteemed partner’s: Diesel U Music, BBC 6 Music, Fierce Panda Records, 7digital Indiestore and BMI who will be supplying the masses with a more than broad range of eclectic musical styles and vibes throughout the event.

The equally musical savvy second room will feature the very best as the feistiest neo-unsigned bands in the country take the stage as part of this very special birthday celebration.

Rounding the proceedings off on Sunday 9th September, The Constitution in Camden will be joining forces with Tapestry to host A Fistful of Fandango’s wind-down all dayer celebrating the very best in new singer-song-writing talent. Come and laze around in the sunny garden and get stuck into the sizzling BBQ action!

If you have even a passing interest in new music A Fistful of Fandango is a must. With each night as compelling as the next it’s probably best to write the week off and give yourself over to this truly exciting week of music.


A Fistful of Fandango

Maps / The Early Years / Fanfarlo / Monkey Swallows the Universe / Malcom Middleton / Fanfarlo / Royworld

Shit Disco / Operator Please / Friendly Fires / Fight Like Apes / So So Modern / Simple Kid

British Sea Power / Good Books / Pete & The Pirates/ The Steers / Get Shakes / The Clik Clik

Electric Soft Parade / Misty’s Big Adventure / Absentee / Eugene Mcguiness / Tim Ten Yen / Kissaway Trail

A Fistful of Fandango wind down All-dayer


Fistful of Fandango Warm Up!
DATES: Tuesday 4th September
VENUE: The Dublin Castle
PRICE: £10
TIMES: From 7pm

Fistful of Fandango
DATES: Wednesday 5th September – Saturday 8th September
VENUE: The 229 Venue, 229 Great Portland St, London
PRICE: £10 per night
TIMES: From 7pm

Fistful of Fandango Wind Down
DATES: Sunday 9th September
VENUE: The Constitution

Monday, 13 August 2007

Who are these kids?

The Teenagers played at rough trade tonight. HSAH are very happy to see that Foals are playing there too soon. Rough Trade in the Truman Brewery is like Mecca. So very beautiful.

Field Day

So by now everyone must be aware that Field Day was this weekend. HSAH am also sure that everyone must also no the problems that came with it like long queues - god damn those queues. How the weather was beautiful, the line up was superb and the burgers at the bbq were very tasty. They came with lots of salad too which is always a winner.

Sadly HSAH didnt get to see a lot of bands but caught late of the pier who were ravetastic! Liars' set started well but HSAH didn't stay for the whole set but crossed the field to see Justice only to be sworely disappointed. HSAH did take the above photo of her camera phone during their set - looks pretty neat.

Fingers crossed that next year's feild day will make more of the village fete theme.

Friday, 3 August 2007

Like English Hardcore?

Checked out nottingham based Lovvers - if you can call them hardcore. they were more like a wall of noise. nice.

Catch up

So last time i left you i was about to see DJ yoda at the scala, kings cross. I went with a friend and to be truely honest i can't say i was impressed. The idea - to try and classical music to a wider audience - was and is a good idea. However at times i felt the orchestra were messy and sounded painful. The track they produced were also quite boring and not very experiemental. I dont know if it was just me but I thought that it seemed that yoda was the main attraction and that the orchestra were his support, which he obviously didn't play up to. It was just merely that the orchestra wasn't as strong as he was. His timing - you couldn't fault!

Tonight on the other hand i went back to the scala for what i may go as far as to say was my favourite gig in a long time! The Scala played host to Of Montreal who were as every bit as glam as i had hoped. Think roxy music with new and improved technology. The show even featured three costume changes, men dressed head to top in lycra and lots of glitter. This would not have been as impressive if it wasn't for Of Montreal's quirky yet fantastic tunes! Even the 11 minute The Past is a Grothesque animal sounded beautiful in the hazy smoke filled Scala.

Overal a very enjoy night out even if my ipod frooze which gave me a mini heart attack. its all fixed now - thanks patrick!

Wednesday, 25 July 2007


Tomorrow evening I am off to see DJ yoda perform with the national heritage orchestra!

Noah and the Whale

On monday i nmade the journey to the big chill house in kings cross. they are doing a month of gigs presented by the Mules called pick your own - the Mules headline each night. This night, last monday, also had Noah and the Whale and light speed champion playing aka dev from text icicles. This was the third time that i had seen Noah and the Whale and each time i love them more. If you little your twee indie folk they are the band for you. Light speed champion ended on at 7 minute song too - it was brilliant, possibly the best song of his set.

On another note, isnt straight to hell by the clash a fantastic song!?

Monday, 9 July 2007

I think you should all check out Screaming Tea Party - Thank you.

to Be or not to Be

So HSAH made it down to the plush Proud Galleries on Saturday night to check out Pete and the Pirates who are not totally unfamiliar to HSAH as HSAH had seen them at dot to dot and is death keen on Come on Feet!

It was good to see them in London and they certainly didn't fail to disappoint. They arrived on stage at about quarter past 11 which saved HSAH from further embarrassing herself by dancing like a clown on ice. Within minutes of starting PatP had the small but perfectly formed room they were performing in dancing. To some extent is unnerved HSAH as the floor seemed to be moving to the point that it became unnecessary to have to put in any effort to dance. However this made appreciating the music a lot easier and as the joyous vocals and the slightly shy like qualities of PatP one couldn't help warm to them even more.

Monday, 2 July 2007

Pete and The Pirates

After much hype surrounding this band, HSAH (oh i never noticed but i could almost be called hash) visited them on Myspace and checked them out at dot to dot festival in Bristol. In a drunken haze they were very good, verging on brilliant. This weekend they are playing in London at proud galleries for a night called BE. Once HSAH saw Amy winehouse there...draw from that what you wish.

Seven Ages of Rock

Now that the programme, Seven Ages of Rock, has come to an end one has time to reflect on the show. The show displayed different elements of rock music which conjured up feelings of nostalgia and after every show i did want to rush out and buy a CD by each of the bands featured on the show - even on the stadium rock show. You've got to love a bit of Bruce and his all American 501s!

Although I did feel disappointed with the show as it did not dig deep enough in the different area of my favourite music providing me with information that I did not already know. The punk music show, I feel, did not explore this genre as fully as it could have done. Whilst I did love watching highlights of the Clash, this show merely skimmed through punk's vast repertoire of bands and plays on preconceived ideas of punk. I was surprised this show did not show the progressive and ever changing nature of punk music developed into post punk. Maybe i shouldn't have read weighty a book on punk relatively close to the beginning of this show.
At least these shows examine a medium that is interesting and effects so many of us rather then being about another boring soap or American drama...gosh there are so many of them about at the moment. bah bah bah to them!

Liars Liars pants on fire

Liars are playing White Heat tomorrow evening in London town. They are supported by These New Puritans - En Papier*. I wish I could go...

*Christine sings this song in her mind.

Friday, 22 June 2007

This is the beginning of my posts. Be patient with me and we will have a fruitful relationship. Also please note that all spelling mistakes are accidental and I may make a few. I apologise in advance for this now.