Saturday, 22 December 2007

Dirty Bingo anyone?

SO its friday night in London town and venue that serves alcohol is pumping. HSAH finds herself wandering through angel in think fog to find Clockworks - a venue that doesn't look like it normally hosts gigs - for Dirty Bingo's christmas party and in particualr to catch Little Death (as previously mentioned on HSAH)

So the merriment brings with a few glasses of few and the DJs playing great indie hits! Little Death hit the stage at about ten (no one is really counting the minutes here) and the audience are confronted by a pan Alantic band that now have ther roots in London who look like they've stepped out of the nineties.

Their set lasted for about half a hour and Little Death fused sounds from their obvious inspirations - pavement / sonic youth - but they also managed to create an epic sound on some tracks like Broken Hill.

With the indie market becoming saturated by barstadised verison of The Libertines it is refreshing to find a band that take a new approach to music. More importantly there seems to be a number of bands out there like Little Death, who may not be the biggest commercial hit but they help retain HSAH hope for the music industry.

Now time for tea.

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