Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Twee as Fuck

The next Twee as Fuck is on the 14th Dcember and has Hatcham Social playing, who are actually very good by the way. Go on...Buy a ticket!


HSAH can happily announce that she has got her Bjork ticket for the 14th April at Hammersmith Apollo. Tickets are on sale now and HSAH will be down the front row with her dad!

On a new note.

Lets talk about films. I rarely approach a subject that isn't music so, in my forward thinking mind frame lets discuss the new Blade Runner film, which HSAH went to see last Friday.

Being the age that I am, I missed the first time around when Blade Runner was shown at the cinema. HSAH was very excited at the prospect of seeing it in the cinema after years of owning Blade Runner on DVD. HSAH was not disapointed when the film started up and looked amazing on the big screen. The aerial shot over LA at the beginning of the film became more alive on the big screen and the scale of the architecture created much more of an impact when compared to my small TV at home.

Although the directors cut didn't differ greatly from the DVD version of the film it was great to see the film on a large screen to truly gage its full, original impact. Blade Runner seems to have a timeless style to it that can capture all ages imaginations. It will not disappear in time like tears in the rain.


So the Kooks played the union chapel on saturday as part of the little noise session and what can I say. Whilst their 'hits' were entertaining the rest of the set left a lot to be desired. Boring is the key word when describing this band. If i wasn't as drunk as i was i could have quite happily left! They were supported by the Pigeon Detectives, who HSAH has seen on another occasion but missed on this night. I am sure it wasn't a great lose to my life.

On a brighter note the Mystery Jet will be gracing the bloomsbury ballrooms for BE this weekend with a host of other bands and DJs.

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Vice party

This Thursday Vice host their 5th Birthday at heaven, London. Live sets from Lovvers, hatcham social, The teenagers, the horrors and many many more....

Bjork on tour!

Bjork has announced a UK tour for next April, dates as follows...

11 Apr: Manchester Apollo
14+17 Apr:London Hammersmith Apollo
22 Apr:Plymouth Pavilion
25 Apr:Wolverhampton Civic Hall
28 Apr:Belfast Waterfront
1 May: Blackpool Empress Ballroom
4 May: Sheffield City Hall

Sunday, 11 November 2007

Christmas parties

As the temperature outside cools down, HSAH dancing spirit rises up from the depths of her soul. Is there a better time of year to celebrate then this? Probably not, considering this quarter brings us all the festive joy. HSAH has, in the vain of Poirot, investigated the best pre Christmas/New years parties around. Fear not, a NYE summary will also be supplied at a later date.

1. The fine purveyors of the Lock Tavern and Adventures in Beetroot field et al have created Gods Average Speed which will be taking place on the 8th December at SEOne (London bridge). A host of DJs ranging from Skull Juice to People are Germs will be playing a fine selection of TUNES through out the night. Keeping the live element alive will be a fantastic array of bands that are definitely reminiscent of Field Day. Liars, Pete and the Pirates, XX teens, Light speed Champion and Lets bitter Cinema amongst others will be taking to the stage for this night of musical mayhem!

2. HSAH has stumbled upon a new night in London called The Rakehell's Revel, which takes place every Tuesday at the Grill Rooms on Regents street. To quote Time Out: "Dress to the nines for this soirée where you'll hear '20s, '30s and '40s big band, Russian gypsy music and the like. You'll come away never wanting to wear jeans or Converse again." Sound like a grand night out to this girly!

3. Of course there is always Saturday nights at Madam JoJo's for Lost and Found, which has been making a name for itself as the finest rockabilly, reggae, Dub and northern soul night out. This is definitely a night to embrace and enjoy right in the centre of London. Its the the sort of night where you wished the bands wouldn't play and the DJs continued throughout the night.

4. BE! now that BE has moved from the Proud Galleries in Camden it has become more of occasion. On the 1st December BE returns to the Bloomsbury Ballrooms and hosts the Mystery Jet's London date of their tour. Not only this but the friendly fires will be playing...lets hope they bring the party poppers!

Rake this up

If you have stumbled into the Lock tavern of late, you would have surely seen the posters for the Rakes gig that is taking place there on Sunday. Best thing is that it is free so get on your dancing shoes and trot down to Camden this Sunday!

Slowly does it!

Yes HSAH is rather slow at keeping people up to date with music news and she apologizes deeply. The problem was that a trip to Vietnam stood in the way of HSAH being continuing up dated! surely you can understand?! No... oh well.

Anyway, apologises a side, Beirut played at the round house last night and insiders have told me that the gig was spectacular and HSAH is not surprised. If Beirut's first album Gulag Orkestar and the release of second album The Flying cup club is any thing to go by then the haunting sounds of Beirut would surely have been tantalising!