Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Long time no see

Firstly, big apologises from being slow to write on here. HSAHs has been very business like a bumble bee!

Since our last encounter HSAH has visited the higher realms of the buffalo bar in islington to see the maccabees who performed there with jonny flynn as part of transgressive's / rock feed back's night. After the late start some serious dancing kicked off and the Maccabees played their usual string of hits that, by the end, started to merge into one.

On a completely different note HSAHs went to a prom...not a dance type prom but a BBC prom with a venazulan orchestra who were amazing and even managed to dance with their instruments. it was a sight to behold.

Over the weekend HSAHs got out of the big smoke and travelled to bristol for some jazz...nice. However at the 'jazz' festival there was a serious lack of anything like jazz but who actually likes jazz?!

Tonight tonight...HSAH was at the barfly checing out Two Gallants and eugene mcguinness who was tres bien (listening to edith piaf now). He has a new album out so many invest some capital into.

This mildly adequate catch is now over!

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