Sunday, 16 March 2008

Cardigan? check.

So London has become the hub of all kinds of clubs night. One night you could swap clothes with a stranger to standing around in a darken room listening to inaudible nonsense. However HSAH enjoys one night in particular...Twee as Fuck and Friday night's line up was tres bon. With The Mare, Strange Idols and Bricolage on the bill HSAH couldn't have been happier.

So with our cardigan in check and our dancing shoes pulling all the moves the buffalo bar started to fill up with ident a kit indie chicks and guys. The Mare had travelled all the way from Sweden for this gig and like almost all Swedish bands that HSAH had come across in her time they were indie pop-tastic. Their female singer even supported a massive bee hive her style and with her high pitched, wobbly vocals she took centre stage.

After a quick change over Strange Idols took to the stage and within minutes they had the crowd eating from the palm of the hands. They were good. For half a hour or so they played, yes you guest right, bitter sweet indie pop tracks that reminded you slightly of camera obscura but just not so retro sounding.

Then after arriving late and doing a rushed sound check, it was time for bricolage to take to the stage. They did so in grand style sporting some impressive hair cuts. You got to had it to anyone that can pull of a high rise quiff. Bricolage stormed through their forty minutes tracks, which lived up to the label of 'they sound just like orange juice'. HSAH favourite being Foot Steps This gig showcased more to bricolage then being a orange juice tribute act though. Bricolage have edge and spirit whilst keeping their indie pop sentiments alive.

Now, all that was left to do was dance.

grown old gracefully?

Camden, known for its rock music heritage, played host to the Jesus and Mary Chain on Wednesday night. The round house was filled to the rafters with 40 somethings and those who look back on the mid 80s as a treasure trove of music but the mood was far from sombre.

With beer in hand and a select group of Friends HSAH waited in anticipation as the crowd filled up and the roundhouse started to hum. After a gig being cancelled HSAH was not surprised that this event was busy. After standing through two average support bands, a luxury for some bands but a trial for those who have no interest in support acts. This is a big venue after all so the support bands were irrelevant but come quarter to ten what we had all been waiting for came...

The Jesus and Mary Chain came to the stage. At this point HSAH feel it is relevant to state that her knowledge of TJAMC extends from Psycho Candy to Darklands and before this gig HSAH thought this was pretty knowledgeable. She was wrong.

As the band played got going HSAH started to realise that these were not familiar tracks but patiently waited for the dark, feedback driven tracks that she loved. When they came, she was a little underwhelmed. This is not to say that the likes of Happy When it Rains and Just Like Honey weren't preformed well. They just lacked that raw edge. The Jesus and Mary Chain had grown up and learnt how to play their instruments and now they rocked in a capital A sort of way rather for the charming, noisy way they do on the CDs that HSAH love.

This sense of disappointment didn't taint (too much) the feeling of joy that HSAH got from singing her little heart out April Skys though. She basted in how cheesy this night could be perceived to be.

HSAH now wonders whether or not old acts should actually just stay on our stereo rather then coming back to venues? Would there always be that sense of disappointment that they do not live up to our expectations?

Prom Night

Ever wanted to wear that eighties number that you brought from the charity shop down the road ages ago? well now you can and not feel like an over sized merimaid. On the 29th March Prom night starts at the buffalo bar, highbury and islington. Its celebrating everything 80s so its definitely time to dust off that copy of pink in pretty and listen to echo and the bunnymen. HSAH is going to be might even dig out the backless number she has for it.

Thursday, 6 March 2008

High Jinks

Stephen Malkmus, of pavement fame, is taking to the road with his band The Jinks. The tour kicks off on the 5 June and ventures to London, Manchester, Glasgow and Dublin. A very extensive tour indeed.

Here are the details:
Eat Your Own Ears presents
plus special guests
Thursday 5 June
Doors 7pm
Shepherds Bush Empire, Shepherds Bush Green, London W12 8TT 020 8354 3300
Tickets £14 advance from:
0844 477 2000
0870 264 3333


On sale fri. 29th feb 9am
b/o : 08444 999 990 /

DUBLIN: or ph: 0818 719 300
Venue is

This is to support the release of their new album Real Emotional Trash, Malkmus' forth solo album and second with the Jinks. Its out now so go buy it!

Animal Collective

Are releasing a new EP, Water Curses and its bound to be kooky. Its out on the 5th May so keep your eyes peeled.


plays Twee as Fuck on the 14th March. Yay!

New Bands

Today marks the return of HSAH. HSAH is sorry that she has been away for some time now but between working and organising a club night its been hard to do anything else.

Now to the subject at hand. New bands come out every day, well at least it feel like they do, and HSAH feels that its only right that she gives you her opinion on who you should look out for.

After reading a recent NME article, oh yes HSAH even surprise herself, a number of slight crazy, slight outrageous bands that can hardly play their instrument came to her attention. Now you are probably wonder why this bunch of seemingly untalented individuals caught HSAH attention. well the answer is simple, their is just something charming about the scattiness and underproduction of these tracks thats makes us smile.

These bands herald from America and HSAH got the pleasure of seeing one of these Bands that the NME named 'SHITGAZE', a bloody awful description in HSAH opinion, on Tuesday night. Psychedelic Horseshit supported Yeasayer at Barden's Boudoir and were stunning. They performed after a very short sound check, intoxicated to the point that their performance can only be describe as a ramshackle. However, why HSAH is telling you about these guys is that in the first couple of songs there was fragments of potential. these songs were reminsct of dinasour jr and had that lo-fi quality that only Americans can do so well!

Also playing at this gig was Pink Reason, who create similiar music to PH but had a more Shoe gazer quality. If you venture on to their myspace check out a track Borrowed Time which is tres bon in HSAH opion.

Other bands to Look out for are:
Little Claw,
Times New Viking (these guys are particularly good),
TV Ghost.