Wednesday, 28 November 2007

On a new note.

Lets talk about films. I rarely approach a subject that isn't music so, in my forward thinking mind frame lets discuss the new Blade Runner film, which HSAH went to see last Friday.

Being the age that I am, I missed the first time around when Blade Runner was shown at the cinema. HSAH was very excited at the prospect of seeing it in the cinema after years of owning Blade Runner on DVD. HSAH was not disapointed when the film started up and looked amazing on the big screen. The aerial shot over LA at the beginning of the film became more alive on the big screen and the scale of the architecture created much more of an impact when compared to my small TV at home.

Although the directors cut didn't differ greatly from the DVD version of the film it was great to see the film on a large screen to truly gage its full, original impact. Blade Runner seems to have a timeless style to it that can capture all ages imaginations. It will not disappear in time like tears in the rain.

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