Thursday, 30 August 2007

Look what i found the other day...

When was the last time you saw one of these? bloody brilliant!

Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Long time no see

Firstly, big apologises from being slow to write on here. HSAHs has been very business like a bumble bee!

Since our last encounter HSAH has visited the higher realms of the buffalo bar in islington to see the maccabees who performed there with jonny flynn as part of transgressive's / rock feed back's night. After the late start some serious dancing kicked off and the Maccabees played their usual string of hits that, by the end, started to merge into one.

On a completely different note HSAHs went to a prom...not a dance type prom but a BBC prom with a venazulan orchestra who were amazing and even managed to dance with their instruments. it was a sight to behold.

Over the weekend HSAHs got out of the big smoke and travelled to bristol for some jazz...nice. However at the 'jazz' festival there was a serious lack of anything like jazz but who actually likes jazz?!

Tonight tonight...HSAH was at the barfly checing out Two Gallants and eugene mcguinness who was tres bien (listening to edith piaf now). He has a new album out so many invest some capital into.

This mildly adequate catch is now over!

Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Fandango you say...




Full Listings below /

Maps / British Sea Power / Fanfarlo / Shit Disco / Operator Please / Friendly Fires / Good Books / So So Modern / Pete & the Pirates / The Early Years / Get Shakes / Electric Soft Parade / Misty’s Big Adventure / Eugene McGuiness / The Clik Clik / Monkey Swallows the Universe/ Malcom Middleton / Kissaway Trail / Simple Kid - And more TBC

When it comes to new music there is no greater source then Club Fandango. Lauded among new music fans across the country and respected by some of the industry’s biggest names; CLUB FANDANGO has become the guiding light for A&R men and a veritable hot pot of new and exciting talent. Faultless with their bookings and forever pushing the boundaries their 6 six-year reign remains unsurpassed. Now with a host of regional gigs across the UK, a thriving label whose current roster boasts Ra Ra Riot, Misty’s Big Adventure and Cut Off Your Hands, and a soon to be launched monthly magazine – FAN-ZNE – Club Fandango has never be so rich or relevant as it is six years from its inception.

Those in the know have been heading down to the weekly night at Camden’s Dublin Castle for the last six years to see some of the very first live performances from bands such as Arctic Monkeys, Coldplay, Kaiser Chiefs, Bloc party, Polyphonic Spree, The Killers, Razorlight, British Sea Power, Dogs Die. Just a handful of the many who have trodden the Fandango boards and gone on to become today’s super-bands.

To celebrate their 6 years at the forefront of indie, this September will see them launch their most spectacular musical extravaganza to date: ‘A Fistful of Fandango’ - bringing Londoners six consecutive nights of cutting edge tips for the top, and bands to make your mouth water. ‘A Fistful of Fandango’ will thrust into the musical arena a unique hotbed of new talent featuring the finest line up of tomorrow’s stars. Six nights of music await kicking off at their spiritual home The Dublin Castle on Tuesday 4th September and finishing off at the much loved and laid back Constitution. Perfectly book ending four superlative nights of music at The 229 venue on Great Portland St this is set to be one memorable week of music.

Every evening from the 5tth-8th September at The 229 Venue there will be an astounding array of live acts running non-stop throughout 2 rooms. Continually alternating, allowing punters to see as many bands as possible, the four nights will include performances from the likes of Maps, Shit Disco, Electric Soft Parade, Friendly Fires, British Sea Power and Operator Please and this year’s Diesel U music winners-The Steers and Get Shakes amongst many, many others.

The large room will feature contributions from all of Club Fandango’s esteemed partner’s: Diesel U Music, BBC 6 Music, Fierce Panda Records, 7digital Indiestore and BMI who will be supplying the masses with a more than broad range of eclectic musical styles and vibes throughout the event.

The equally musical savvy second room will feature the very best as the feistiest neo-unsigned bands in the country take the stage as part of this very special birthday celebration.

Rounding the proceedings off on Sunday 9th September, The Constitution in Camden will be joining forces with Tapestry to host A Fistful of Fandango’s wind-down all dayer celebrating the very best in new singer-song-writing talent. Come and laze around in the sunny garden and get stuck into the sizzling BBQ action!

If you have even a passing interest in new music A Fistful of Fandango is a must. With each night as compelling as the next it’s probably best to write the week off and give yourself over to this truly exciting week of music.


A Fistful of Fandango

Maps / The Early Years / Fanfarlo / Monkey Swallows the Universe / Malcom Middleton / Fanfarlo / Royworld

Shit Disco / Operator Please / Friendly Fires / Fight Like Apes / So So Modern / Simple Kid

British Sea Power / Good Books / Pete & The Pirates/ The Steers / Get Shakes / The Clik Clik

Electric Soft Parade / Misty’s Big Adventure / Absentee / Eugene Mcguiness / Tim Ten Yen / Kissaway Trail

A Fistful of Fandango wind down All-dayer


Fistful of Fandango Warm Up!
DATES: Tuesday 4th September
VENUE: The Dublin Castle
PRICE: £10
TIMES: From 7pm

Fistful of Fandango
DATES: Wednesday 5th September – Saturday 8th September
VENUE: The 229 Venue, 229 Great Portland St, London
PRICE: £10 per night
TIMES: From 7pm

Fistful of Fandango Wind Down
DATES: Sunday 9th September
VENUE: The Constitution

Monday, 13 August 2007

Who are these kids?

The Teenagers played at rough trade tonight. HSAH are very happy to see that Foals are playing there too soon. Rough Trade in the Truman Brewery is like Mecca. So very beautiful.

Field Day

So by now everyone must be aware that Field Day was this weekend. HSAH am also sure that everyone must also no the problems that came with it like long queues - god damn those queues. How the weather was beautiful, the line up was superb and the burgers at the bbq were very tasty. They came with lots of salad too which is always a winner.

Sadly HSAH didnt get to see a lot of bands but caught late of the pier who were ravetastic! Liars' set started well but HSAH didn't stay for the whole set but crossed the field to see Justice only to be sworely disappointed. HSAH did take the above photo of her camera phone during their set - looks pretty neat.

Fingers crossed that next year's feild day will make more of the village fete theme.

Friday, 3 August 2007

Like English Hardcore?

Checked out nottingham based Lovvers - if you can call them hardcore. they were more like a wall of noise. nice.

Catch up

So last time i left you i was about to see DJ yoda at the scala, kings cross. I went with a friend and to be truely honest i can't say i was impressed. The idea - to try and classical music to a wider audience - was and is a good idea. However at times i felt the orchestra were messy and sounded painful. The track they produced were also quite boring and not very experiemental. I dont know if it was just me but I thought that it seemed that yoda was the main attraction and that the orchestra were his support, which he obviously didn't play up to. It was just merely that the orchestra wasn't as strong as he was. His timing - you couldn't fault!

Tonight on the other hand i went back to the scala for what i may go as far as to say was my favourite gig in a long time! The Scala played host to Of Montreal who were as every bit as glam as i had hoped. Think roxy music with new and improved technology. The show even featured three costume changes, men dressed head to top in lycra and lots of glitter. This would not have been as impressive if it wasn't for Of Montreal's quirky yet fantastic tunes! Even the 11 minute The Past is a Grothesque animal sounded beautiful in the hazy smoke filled Scala.

Overal a very enjoy night out even if my ipod frooze which gave me a mini heart attack. its all fixed now - thanks patrick!