Wednesday, 25 July 2007


Tomorrow evening I am off to see DJ yoda perform with the national heritage orchestra!

Noah and the Whale

On monday i nmade the journey to the big chill house in kings cross. they are doing a month of gigs presented by the Mules called pick your own - the Mules headline each night. This night, last monday, also had Noah and the Whale and light speed champion playing aka dev from text icicles. This was the third time that i had seen Noah and the Whale and each time i love them more. If you little your twee indie folk they are the band for you. Light speed champion ended on at 7 minute song too - it was brilliant, possibly the best song of his set.

On another note, isnt straight to hell by the clash a fantastic song!?

Monday, 9 July 2007

I think you should all check out Screaming Tea Party - Thank you.

to Be or not to Be

So HSAH made it down to the plush Proud Galleries on Saturday night to check out Pete and the Pirates who are not totally unfamiliar to HSAH as HSAH had seen them at dot to dot and is death keen on Come on Feet!

It was good to see them in London and they certainly didn't fail to disappoint. They arrived on stage at about quarter past 11 which saved HSAH from further embarrassing herself by dancing like a clown on ice. Within minutes of starting PatP had the small but perfectly formed room they were performing in dancing. To some extent is unnerved HSAH as the floor seemed to be moving to the point that it became unnecessary to have to put in any effort to dance. However this made appreciating the music a lot easier and as the joyous vocals and the slightly shy like qualities of PatP one couldn't help warm to them even more.

Monday, 2 July 2007

Pete and The Pirates

After much hype surrounding this band, HSAH (oh i never noticed but i could almost be called hash) visited them on Myspace and checked them out at dot to dot festival in Bristol. In a drunken haze they were very good, verging on brilliant. This weekend they are playing in London at proud galleries for a night called BE. Once HSAH saw Amy winehouse there...draw from that what you wish.

Seven Ages of Rock

Now that the programme, Seven Ages of Rock, has come to an end one has time to reflect on the show. The show displayed different elements of rock music which conjured up feelings of nostalgia and after every show i did want to rush out and buy a CD by each of the bands featured on the show - even on the stadium rock show. You've got to love a bit of Bruce and his all American 501s!

Although I did feel disappointed with the show as it did not dig deep enough in the different area of my favourite music providing me with information that I did not already know. The punk music show, I feel, did not explore this genre as fully as it could have done. Whilst I did love watching highlights of the Clash, this show merely skimmed through punk's vast repertoire of bands and plays on preconceived ideas of punk. I was surprised this show did not show the progressive and ever changing nature of punk music developed into post punk. Maybe i shouldn't have read weighty a book on punk relatively close to the beginning of this show.
At least these shows examine a medium that is interesting and effects so many of us rather then being about another boring soap or American drama...gosh there are so many of them about at the moment. bah bah bah to them!

Liars Liars pants on fire

Liars are playing White Heat tomorrow evening in London town. They are supported by These New Puritans - En Papier*. I wish I could go...

*Christine sings this song in her mind.