Wednesday, 19 December 2007

PiX party

The uber cool magazine, PiX was celebrating in a truly festive style on Tuesday night with a party at the Hoxton Bar and Kitchen. HSAH had the honour of attending this invite only party and also had the joy of queuing with all trendies in the freezing cold. You know your in Shoreditch when you see a girl with crazy flashing earrings, a dude with bright red, asymmetrical hair (yes that was Patrick Wolf) and lots of pouting in front of mirrors. All this, of course adds to the ambiance of the night.

Taking to the stage for this night of festivities were Ipso Facto, Ox Eagle Lion Man and The Myserty Jets. Ipso facto's set was frightful dull and they are definitely one of those bands who have more style over substance. Next one was ox eagle lion man and after seeing them at the rock feed back night HSAH was really hoping for more than she got. Again they were just dull and their songs weren't put together that well. Thank god for Mystery Jets who pulled off a brilliant performance. Firstly the venue really suited them, it was just the right size to feel imtimate and to feel the engery off of band and their fans in the audience. They also seemed to play more of their hits then when they played at BE so when they did play a new song you didn't mind. They ended their set, as ever, with Zoo time which if you havent heard before is like a tribal, chanting track that definitely leave the audience on a high.

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