Saturday, 22 December 2007

Interesting Finds

Whilst wandering through Fopp HSAH picked up a copy of Neutral Milk Hotel's album In The Aeroplane Over The Sea, which has been reissued through Domino records. Admittedly I picked it up due to liking the artwork and didn't know much about the band but have subsequently found out that this album originally came out in 1998 by this Amercian four piece. This album is a gem of gravily vocals, noisy feedback and surreal lyrics that are occasionally about World War Two. For example one track is called Holland 1945 that tells the story of a girl buried alive.

Another Album that HSAH loves is Les Savy Fav new album Lets Stay Friends. Les Savy Fav's sound filters between the soft melancholy of The Flaming Lips to the raw sounds of Pavement. They also have an innately disco feel to them which is transparent on a number of tracks including Kiss Kiss is Getting Better that makes them feel like their contemporaries like The Hives or Modest Mouse.

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