Monday, 10 December 2007

Pan I Am

Sunday morning quickly turns into Sunday evening and with darkness brings Blue Flowers through the combined acts of poetry, spoken word and music.

Blue flowers, you maybe wondering, is a new night to grace London. Its normal home is Chiswick but for this special event the Lyric theatre played host to an array of unique talents including Patrick wolf, Rumble strips and Johnny Flynn. The main aim of Sunday's entertainment was to welcome back, to the fore Ed Larkin (once of Larkin Love) and his new band the Pan I Am.

Once entering the lyric theatre one was greeted by an in door market and short films. When invited to be seated (yes, this was a seated favourite type of gig) the night was opened by the Blue Flowers main man who mapped out proceeding and invited the first speaker on stage. He was a handsome chap but framed sentences that HSAH didn't quite understand. HSAH fears they may have been strung together for affect rather than to make sense.

After this Johnny Flynn graced the stage and did a short but sweet set that included his first single tickle me pink. Johnny Flynn was equally as talent without his band and with more hair than some of the bigger names on tonight's bill. Another undiscovered gem that emerged from Sunday nights proceeding was Polar bear - a Brummie MC - whose gritty lines made everyone chuckle.

The First half closed with Charlie from Rumble Strips, whose voice sounds as good live as it does on CD and with this HSAH went to get another glass of Chenin Blanc.

The second half opened with the slightly surreal, wellington wearing Patrick Wolf (HSAH didn't realise thatHammersmith was so muddy!) who again did a short set but managed to steal the lime light with his almost celebrity indie status and panache for unusual clothes. This left Ed Larkin to end Blue Flowers and expectations were high.

Kicking off with a mighty crescendo of guitars, the Pan I Am certainly seemed to be a lot more metal than Larkin Love were. However as the set wore on Pan I Am's set became more palatable and with greater input of the violinist, Ed's new band seemed to return to The Pogues infuse racket that we were once familiar with. This is not to say that Pan I am were not good. HSAH actually prefer Pan I Am as the set progressed. My particular fave was track three (sorry to be vague they didn't share the names of their songs).

This just left the long tube journey home.

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