Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Those Dancing Days

So its Saturday night and we are in one of London sleaziest areas, Kings Cross. Renounced for prostitutes, dodgy restaurants and one legendary venue...well two if you include the scala but for the sake of this post lets presume there is one, The Water Rats.

The Water Rats played host to a very special on Saturday and continued to add to the hype that's surrounds Those Dancing Those. Hailing from Sweden this was TDD second gig in London and you could feel from the audience there was much excitement about their arrival.

After two large glasses of wine and full stomachs HSAH made her way into the small and incredible hot venue (we left early due to the heat). We waited eagerly, toes tapping and hands emulating a fanning gesture when finally a bunch of very young and very cute bunch of girls made their way of stage. Their set kicked off and continued as it mean to go on in a very indie pop style with jiggly jangly tracks.
By about the fifth song in HSAH couldn't handle the Sauna effect in the back room of The Water Rats and promptly left. Since this gig HSAH as not been able to escape the melondic tones of TDD...damn 6 music!!!! Thankfully their single - Those Dancing Days - is brilliant and is one of those songs that can brighten up any bad mood you may be in.

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