Friday, 3 August 2007

Catch up

So last time i left you i was about to see DJ yoda at the scala, kings cross. I went with a friend and to be truely honest i can't say i was impressed. The idea - to try and classical music to a wider audience - was and is a good idea. However at times i felt the orchestra were messy and sounded painful. The track they produced were also quite boring and not very experiemental. I dont know if it was just me but I thought that it seemed that yoda was the main attraction and that the orchestra were his support, which he obviously didn't play up to. It was just merely that the orchestra wasn't as strong as he was. His timing - you couldn't fault!

Tonight on the other hand i went back to the scala for what i may go as far as to say was my favourite gig in a long time! The Scala played host to Of Montreal who were as every bit as glam as i had hoped. Think roxy music with new and improved technology. The show even featured three costume changes, men dressed head to top in lycra and lots of glitter. This would not have been as impressive if it wasn't for Of Montreal's quirky yet fantastic tunes! Even the 11 minute The Past is a Grothesque animal sounded beautiful in the hazy smoke filled Scala.

Overal a very enjoy night out even if my ipod frooze which gave me a mini heart attack. its all fixed now - thanks patrick!

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