Wednesday, 10 December 2008

This month we are loving...

HSAH feels its about time she tells you what she is loving and if this works well it may become a regular feature. Hopefully you will also like what HSAH suggests but if you don't it isn't really going to bother her too much.

1. Last FM radio player.
HSAH knows this is a bit of an old form of social networking now but it took her a while to actually recognise its beauty and, amongst other things, work out how to use it!

2. No Pain In Pop
This label come blog come social experiment is suggesting some rather interesting and releasing some uniquely unusual music right now and HSAH is loving it. Carry on the good work chaps.

3. Christmas
If there is a better excuse to over indulge please tell HSAH now...

4. Wavves
HSAH is getting very excited by this artist who makes really raw tracks with true punk aesthetics...none of that washed out green day bollocks.

5. Lo Mo Camera
So cheap, so effective. You can get a Lo Mo Camera on Ebay for about £25 and it allows you to take arty photos. HSAH particular fav is the lo mo that you can change the colour of the flash. Too cool for skool.

The Thermals

HSAH has happily discovered that The Thermals are back in London this weekend to play at the King's Cross Student Union on Sunday. HSAH openly thinks the line up is pretty damn hot so this is a gig not to missed.

Check out the event profile on Last fm:

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Random Finds

HSAH is having a bit of a myspace moment and finding odd, musical kinsmen...for want of a better word. Noisey punk bands like Bronx, Les savy fav, no age are taking the industry and grunge kids by storm. Can they peers carry this trend forward or do they die on their arse as copy cats and unoriginal? You decide as HSAH is loving the stale smell of beer.

Feel free to check out these guys for your ear bleeding pleasure. Don't you just love the hyperbole?

Baltimore seems to breed grunge, noise bands and Double Dagger ( is no exception even if self described as Pop...oh the irony.

Pony Tail ( are another band that hail from Baltimore (there must be something in the water) and describe themselves as pop. Sounding like a cross between the Yeah Yeah Yeah and deerhoof they do, actually, make tracks that could be described as pop. HSAH has mentioned Pony Tail is this group of bands because they veer of the good side of odd.

For a more magical sound that makes you want to melt away check out High Places (

New bands to look out for...

In to new music and love said music to weird? then why not check out these guys:

Crystal Antlers...they even have a bizarre name.

Monotonix...hail from Israel and make interesting noise rock. They are also playing on thursday at the luminaire.

Thank You...they make great sounds.

animal collective tour dates...

Yes, that is right, Animal Collective are coming to the Uk and here are their dates:

Mon 12-Jan-09 UK London Koko

Tue 13-Jan-09 UK Glasgow Glasgow School of Arts

Wed 14-Jan-09 UK Manchester Club Academy

Thu 15-Jan-09 UK Brighton Concorde 2

HSAH is definitely going to get a ticket for the London date. Excitingly a new album will follow!

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

AU - Verbs - Released on the 3rd November

American bands seem to be behind some of the most interesting and experimental music at the moment. At the forefront of this American influx is Animal Collective whose unique style makes them stand head and shoulders above their contemporaries. How, do other American acts follow this level of quantity without being type casted or coined as a copy cat?

HSAH thinks it cant be easy to make your mark in this ever evolving music world and for a band to stand out they must be truly special or just plain mad. Which is AU? Possibly the good kind of mad. Hailing from Portland Oregon, AU, mark themselves out with their debut offering Verbs that's out on Aagoo Record later this year. Coined as an 'experimental pop collective' Verbs is a collection of ethereal tracks that, at times, sound like interesting choral music or sleep inducing lullabies. A prime example of this is the aptly named Sleep, the last track on Verbs.

What Verbs doesn't lack is layers. With over thirty contributors to Verbs its amazing the depth that is on this album. With additional vocal and musicians the tracks on verbs are given an extra dimension like on All My Friends, which is this explosion of sounds. Like their peers, Grizzly Bear, Animal Collective, Beirut, AU masterfully veer on the side of madness and throughout Verbs you are left thinking what, why and how did they come to this music. This playfulness allows AU to be as 'out there' as they like but they manage to retain a commercial feel to their music.

Hand Shakes and Holidays thinks you should listen to this album. 8/10.

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Lovely sounds...

So after a recent trip to Toronto HSAH got the opportunity to check out new American band The Dodos, who were amazing even in a jet lag haze. Now that said blogger is home she has had the opportunity to check out The Dodos support band in great depth.

They are simly called AU and sound like a whimsical fairground, fairy music. They hail from the musical hot bed of Portland, Oregon and HSAH doesnt think they have released a great deal of material in the UK.

check them out here:

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Welcome to the Wonderful World of TIM TEN YEN

Its bee a while but HSAH is back on the gigging scene. After a summer break to absorb herself fully into the world of festivals and get on with her day job, its now time to return to the world of music blogging.

A new discovery that HSAH loves, and she does love a good discovery, is the genuinely unique Tim Ten Yen who releases Everything Beautiful Reminds me of You through Pointy records in late October, which is a collection of honest and fun tracks, documenting his unusual life.

To check out Tim please go to his myspace:

He also has a number of gigs on he horizons:
26 Sep 2008 20:00
Fælles Studiestart @ Studenterhuset Klostergaarden Kolding

3 Oct 2008 20:00
S*** the bed @ The Prince of Wales Camden Town, London and South East

4 Oct 2008 19:00
The White Room @ Bucks SU High Wycombe, London and South East

Sunday, 13 April 2008

Clinic @ 229, London, 9 April 2008

Have you ever felt very excited about a gig before that you think about it for days? This is how HSAH felt at the prospect of seeing clinic. After the recent discover that a new album, Do it, on the way and that very few UK dates had been confirmed HSAH was not going to miss this gig.

229, Great Portland Street was the host for this one off London gig. A venue that reminds HSAH of her student days merely because the venue is set in the basement of some student halls. With the crowd gearing up for the gig the haunting sounds of ‘you never walk alone’ bellow out of the speakers and everyone wonders what strange prank this is. However little do they know that this is the intro to the gig.

Clinic walk on stage in the trade mark surgical masks and Hawaiian shirts that makes them look like some crazy badies from Doctor Who…imagine that episode! They clearly stated that the gig will be a performance of two halves. The first will be a show case of Do It, which proves that clinic can continue to make raw, rough and stripped tracks that are infused with a lounge style. The high light being the last single Memories.

The second half was an ‘archive’ set of material from past albums, Internal Wrangler and Walking with Trees et al.
Clinic have the uncanny ability to sound like they are playing in an empty room and you are the only person witnessing them work their magic. They have the essence of very early orange juice but mixed with an American surf rock sound that’s much linked to rockabilly. This is especially prevalent on tracks like Sunlight Bathes Our Home and Internal Wrangler. You can imagine walking down the set of some western film and the sound track would be Clinic. Maybe if you were really cool you’d be wearing shades whilst strutting.

For a show of two halves it felt as though the gig was over before it had started and by half ten Clinic had announced that they would be ending their set. It was time to say bye and farewell to this bunch of lovable oddballs.

Sunday, 6 April 2008

Gigs this week to look out for.

Here is what HSAH recommends for this week if you get a tad bored of the TV.

Monday 7th April - Go and see the lovely Slow Club at Camden's Entreprise. Its a nice pub and with this amazing band playing what more could you want??

On Tuesday the 8th April pop down to white heat to see one of the newest acts to be talked about a lot, FrYars. White Heat takes place at madamn jojo's, soho every case you are unfamiliar with it!

Wednesday 9th April - Go and see Clinic at 229. its the only gig to be at tonight!

On Thursday pop into the social to see strange idols and My sad Captains. its free and if you are partial to indie pop then this is the gig for you.

Friday can only mean one thing and that is TWEE AS FUCK. Fanfarlo are playing and if you have ever read HSAH before you will know we love Fanfarlo!

In the Future go and see:

14th April and 17th April - Bjork at the hammersmith apollo.

18th April - Ceremony at red star, camberwell.

20th April - Jens Lekman at London's ULU.

21st April - gigwise night at proud, camden...i am djing!

24th April - Plastic Factory.

Sunday, 16 March 2008

Cardigan? check.

So London has become the hub of all kinds of clubs night. One night you could swap clothes with a stranger to standing around in a darken room listening to inaudible nonsense. However HSAH enjoys one night in particular...Twee as Fuck and Friday night's line up was tres bon. With The Mare, Strange Idols and Bricolage on the bill HSAH couldn't have been happier.

So with our cardigan in check and our dancing shoes pulling all the moves the buffalo bar started to fill up with ident a kit indie chicks and guys. The Mare had travelled all the way from Sweden for this gig and like almost all Swedish bands that HSAH had come across in her time they were indie pop-tastic. Their female singer even supported a massive bee hive her style and with her high pitched, wobbly vocals she took centre stage.

After a quick change over Strange Idols took to the stage and within minutes they had the crowd eating from the palm of the hands. They were good. For half a hour or so they played, yes you guest right, bitter sweet indie pop tracks that reminded you slightly of camera obscura but just not so retro sounding.

Then after arriving late and doing a rushed sound check, it was time for bricolage to take to the stage. They did so in grand style sporting some impressive hair cuts. You got to had it to anyone that can pull of a high rise quiff. Bricolage stormed through their forty minutes tracks, which lived up to the label of 'they sound just like orange juice'. HSAH favourite being Foot Steps This gig showcased more to bricolage then being a orange juice tribute act though. Bricolage have edge and spirit whilst keeping their indie pop sentiments alive.

Now, all that was left to do was dance.

grown old gracefully?

Camden, known for its rock music heritage, played host to the Jesus and Mary Chain on Wednesday night. The round house was filled to the rafters with 40 somethings and those who look back on the mid 80s as a treasure trove of music but the mood was far from sombre.

With beer in hand and a select group of Friends HSAH waited in anticipation as the crowd filled up and the roundhouse started to hum. After a gig being cancelled HSAH was not surprised that this event was busy. After standing through two average support bands, a luxury for some bands but a trial for those who have no interest in support acts. This is a big venue after all so the support bands were irrelevant but come quarter to ten what we had all been waiting for came...

The Jesus and Mary Chain came to the stage. At this point HSAH feel it is relevant to state that her knowledge of TJAMC extends from Psycho Candy to Darklands and before this gig HSAH thought this was pretty knowledgeable. She was wrong.

As the band played got going HSAH started to realise that these were not familiar tracks but patiently waited for the dark, feedback driven tracks that she loved. When they came, she was a little underwhelmed. This is not to say that the likes of Happy When it Rains and Just Like Honey weren't preformed well. They just lacked that raw edge. The Jesus and Mary Chain had grown up and learnt how to play their instruments and now they rocked in a capital A sort of way rather for the charming, noisy way they do on the CDs that HSAH love.

This sense of disappointment didn't taint (too much) the feeling of joy that HSAH got from singing her little heart out April Skys though. She basted in how cheesy this night could be perceived to be.

HSAH now wonders whether or not old acts should actually just stay on our stereo rather then coming back to venues? Would there always be that sense of disappointment that they do not live up to our expectations?

Prom Night

Ever wanted to wear that eighties number that you brought from the charity shop down the road ages ago? well now you can and not feel like an over sized merimaid. On the 29th March Prom night starts at the buffalo bar, highbury and islington. Its celebrating everything 80s so its definitely time to dust off that copy of pink in pretty and listen to echo and the bunnymen. HSAH is going to be might even dig out the backless number she has for it.

Thursday, 6 March 2008

High Jinks

Stephen Malkmus, of pavement fame, is taking to the road with his band The Jinks. The tour kicks off on the 5 June and ventures to London, Manchester, Glasgow and Dublin. A very extensive tour indeed.

Here are the details:
Eat Your Own Ears presents
plus special guests
Thursday 5 June
Doors 7pm
Shepherds Bush Empire, Shepherds Bush Green, London W12 8TT 020 8354 3300
Tickets £14 advance from:
0844 477 2000
0870 264 3333


On sale fri. 29th feb 9am
b/o : 08444 999 990 /

DUBLIN: or ph: 0818 719 300
Venue is

This is to support the release of their new album Real Emotional Trash, Malkmus' forth solo album and second with the Jinks. Its out now so go buy it!

Animal Collective

Are releasing a new EP, Water Curses and its bound to be kooky. Its out on the 5th May so keep your eyes peeled.


plays Twee as Fuck on the 14th March. Yay!

New Bands

Today marks the return of HSAH. HSAH is sorry that she has been away for some time now but between working and organising a club night its been hard to do anything else.

Now to the subject at hand. New bands come out every day, well at least it feel like they do, and HSAH feels that its only right that she gives you her opinion on who you should look out for.

After reading a recent NME article, oh yes HSAH even surprise herself, a number of slight crazy, slight outrageous bands that can hardly play their instrument came to her attention. Now you are probably wonder why this bunch of seemingly untalented individuals caught HSAH attention. well the answer is simple, their is just something charming about the scattiness and underproduction of these tracks thats makes us smile.

These bands herald from America and HSAH got the pleasure of seeing one of these Bands that the NME named 'SHITGAZE', a bloody awful description in HSAH opinion, on Tuesday night. Psychedelic Horseshit supported Yeasayer at Barden's Boudoir and were stunning. They performed after a very short sound check, intoxicated to the point that their performance can only be describe as a ramshackle. However, why HSAH is telling you about these guys is that in the first couple of songs there was fragments of potential. these songs were reminsct of dinasour jr and had that lo-fi quality that only Americans can do so well!

Also playing at this gig was Pink Reason, who create similiar music to PH but had a more Shoe gazer quality. If you venture on to their myspace check out a track Borrowed Time which is tres bon in HSAH opion.

Other bands to Look out for are:
Little Claw,
Times New Viking (these guys are particularly good),
TV Ghost.

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

EfterKlang play London show

For this sort HSAH thinks the press release sums up the tour nicely. Here it is:

Efterklang have announced a spring tour of the UK and Ireland. Like their hugely successful tour in November/December last year, the group will perform as an 8-piece. The line-up will include Anna Brønsted, whose solo act Our Broken Garden, will perform as support for the tour.

The Danish collective, currently on tour in Europe, will release ‘Caravan’ as a strictly limited edition 7” (and download) to coincide with the tour. The single is taken from the acclaimed album Parades (a top 25 album of the year in Mojo magazine) which was last October. You can listen to Caravan here:

An explosive video clip for 'Caravan', directed by Danish feature film director Anders Morgenthaler, will be released very soon. After the success of the 'Mirador' video (now with almost 900,000 Youtube plays, all eyes will be on this one...
In the meantime, filmmaker Tobias Stretch has made a beautiful but very strange video for ‘Illuminant’, also from Parades. You can find the video on the front page of Efterklang’s website:

Highlight of the Efterklang tour is a headlining show at London's Queen Elizabeth Hall, and we can announce that the latest Leaf signing, Wildbirds & Peacedrums, from Gothenburg in Sweden, will make their debut UK performance at the show. Their album, Heartcore, will be released on April 28.

Wednesday 2 April
Queen Elizabeth Hall, LONDON (with Our Broken Garden and Wildbirds & Peacedrums)
South Bank Centre, Belvedere Road, SE1 8XX
Doors 730pm
Tickets £12.50 + booking fee

Sunday, 3 February 2008

New Song to look out for!

A while ago HSAH mentioned the Bookhouse Boys and they are releasing a single on the 3rd March. Its called Dead - a cheerful number no doubt - and is being released by Black Records. Unsurprisingly HSAH loves it! Their PR describes it as: "twisted surf pop", which sits well with HSAH.

Check them out at:

Vice Tour

The vice tour came to an end in Bristol last night and HSAH was there to see the chaos unfold. Although being hungover and sleepy, chaos is probably not the best way to describe the night. The queue was rather large though but thankfully that wasnt an issue for HSAH. Think how bad it was, queueing, when it started to rain. Poor Kids.

Well, as you imagine, when you think of vice magazine, all the cool kids where out in full swing to hear the new sounds of Ipso Facto, Friendly Fires and the Black Kids. Ipso facto where the first to take to the stage and looked as stylish as ever. Sadly their songs still bored HSAH. The first song they always start their sets with is good but as they progress their songs get worse. I suppose it is quite novel to have an all girl group that look uber cool and aren't playing the typical pop music. I do wish I liked them but hey, you can't force these things.

After a crazily long wait at the bar and an adventous trip to the toilet, Friendly Fires took to the stage and they were good, possibly better then good. Could it be? Since acquiring a new member Friendly fires have grown in strenght and sounds. They have managed to make their sound more tight and given it a new range of substance. HSAH particularly likes the last single Paris and the thumping On Board. Believe the hype! I wont be saying that a lot this year so go and check out Friendly Fires.

Sadly exhaustion got the best of HSAH and at about 12 we left the fleece, meaning that we didnt get to see Black Kids...a band that will have to wait for HSAH to criticise.


So we all know that HSAH loves Clinic...yes? well their new single is coming out soon and we think you should look at the video! Have a look:

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

What the papers say...

Have you noticed in the Broadsheets recently there has been a number of reviews for Black Mountains? HSAH has and was intrigued enough to check them out. This Canadian outfit play songs that start like they are going to be really heavy but then have a fuzzy or off kilter guitar section that makes them more intelligent then just pure noise.

Maybe you will like to hear this for your self. If so here is their myspace link:

Another band that the papers have been talking about is Nottingham based Clarky Cats who have links to Young and Lost. Remember how disco punk was so 'in' in 2005/6? Well CC are very reminiscent of that sound. They sound a bit like Radio 4 and like Clor but not so experimental.

To check out Clarky Cat, their myspace is:

The next band featured in this weekend's The Sunday Times (not necessarily HSAH paper of choice) is the happily twee Lacrosse who hail from Sweeden, the home of happy twee music. Innocents vocals are blended with subtle piano tinkering and jangerly guitars. It is all very pretty so check it out at:

Chess Club...often misunderstood.

Last night Chess Club was at The Social last night and played hosted to a number of indie acts including School of Language and Sarabeth Tucek. HSAH was there to see School of Language of course.

After taking to the stage later then planned, School of Language cast a lonely figure on the small stage at the Social. It was simply one man and his beloved guitar. Capturing the audience was going to be a mighty feat as the crowd stood, chating throughout the beginning of his set.

The beloved (by HSAH) new single, Rockist part1, was the first track that School of Language played and even in an acoustic form it still had the beautifully simple charmed that recorded version coveys. It clearly became apparent that SoL wanted to create a sound that had a more of a garage feel to it then that of Field Music. What has remained is David Brewis very quirky edge that made Field Music unusual. Tracks like Disappointment 99 sheep of Franz Ferdinand with heavier baselines and are disjointed like Gang of Four.

Although a complete, whole sound was often difficult to covey in an accoustic set and HSAH would be interested to in seeing SoL again to see what he would be like with a full band.

Monday, 21 January 2008

New songs

School of Language, formed from David Brewis of Field Music fame, are to release an amazing (I dont use this word lightly) new single Rockist on the 28th January through Memphis Industries. HSAH reckons you should go out and buy it as its very catchy and makes us happy.

Look what i have gone and done...

You should come as it going to be lots of fun!!!

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

New bands to look out for

Today on 6 music Steve Lamacq played a song HSAH thoroughly enjoyed and it was by a band called The Voluntary Butler Scheme. HSAH believes you should check them out:

Another lovely, Brighton band that people should listen to is Esiotrot. Check them out via:

Enjoy listening x


Just in, Sons and Daughters play Durr on the 21st January.

Also, Domino have just released info about Clinic's new album, which is out on the 7th April and entitled 'Do it'. As stated before they are also doing a tour to help promote said album. Is HSAH excited? yes...

Lastly, DON'T FORGET These New Puritans' debut album, Beat Pyramid, is out on the 28th January.

Sunday, 13 January 2008

This week's finest

So another weekend has come and gone and all we have to look forward to is ways of filling our evening new exciting things until the next weekend is on us.

Here are some ideas:
Tuesday you could pop down to the Buffalo Bar to check out Hatcham Social play for £6 or check out the Kills at the Soho revenue bar. However the latter might be a tad busy now that one of them is famous!

On Wednesday, why not, pop down to the Buffalo Bar again (Yes i think HSAH should live there) to see So so modern and Maths Class.

Now with the weekend in sight, try drinking the evening away at the Macbeth as riotous, noise makers The Guillotines are playing and you only have to paid £4 for the pleasure of seeing them.

Now its Friday and if you haven't got clubbing on the brain you could pop to the Islington bar academy and check out a load of teenagers play some indie pop tunes. The bands on tonight's schedule are forty fives, let's wrestle, chimera rouge, pull in emergency and one trick band. Tres bon!

HSAH hopes in some way this may help lighten up your week.

Wednesday, 9 January 2008


Are going out on tour! check below for details:
April 08
8th Bristol Thekla
9th London 229
10th Brighton Audio
11th Brudenell Social Club
12th Manchester Academy 3

Tres Bon :)

The Kills

So with two albums behind them and one going out with an uber famous model, The Kills now have a new offering, Midnight Boom, for us and HSAH is excited. This eagerly anticipated release is out on the 3rd March and with this we see The Kills working with Spank Rock's producer Alex Epton to create a futuristic sound whilst retaining their trade mark raw edge-iness.

Paint It Black.

Black Francis, of pixies fame, has decided to release a mini LP through cooking vinyl entitled SVN FNGRS released on the 3rd March. Apparently it was all record, mixed, produced and designed in seven days. That makes Black Francis a bit like God!

He is also doing a bit of a tour too:
Sun 10th February GLASGOW, The Garage (Shockwaves NME Awards Show)
Tue 12th February MANCHESTER, Academy 2 (Shockwaves NME Awards show)
Wed 13th February LONDON, Koko (Shockwaves NME Awards Show)
Thu 14th February PORTSMOUTH, Wedgewood Rooms

These New Puritans to Release New Single

Now that they are toply tipped for success in 2008, TNP are (re)releasing Elvis on the 11th February through Angular records. To help promote this they are also supporting British Sea Power on tour.

Here are the dates:
Sat 26 Jan 2008 Glasgow, The Arches (British Sea Power Support)
Sun 27 Jan 2008 Manchester, Academy 2 (British Sea Power Support)
Mon 28 Jan 2008 Oxford, Academy (British Sea Power Support)
Tue 29 Jan 2008 Brighton, Komedia (British Sea Power Support)
Thu 31 Jan 2008 London, KoKo (British Sea Power Support)

What out for their debut album, Beat Pyramid, on the 28th January.

Friday, 4 January 2008

Up and coming gigs

Here are some gigs that you should check out in the up and coming weeks:

The Clientele at the Luminaire on the 8th Jan.

The Answering Machine play the Enterprise on the 9th Jan:

Theoretical Girl plays Twee as Fuck on the 11th January which is taking place at the buffalo bar this month (HSAH is very much looking forward to this)

4th February sees Slow Club play the Borderline in London:

The Presets return to London to play Kings College on the 19th March

These New Puritans head down to South London to play the Amersham Arms on the 25th Jan:

And a very extra special gig to look out for:
The Jesus and Mary Chain are back and play at the Round House on March 11 and 12th...very much tempted by one of these gigs.

Wednesday, 2 January 2008

It has been a while

But HSAH is back after a relaxing holiday and without much going she has been investigating new old music and whilst downloading certain tracks she was directed to 80s.

Amazon directed HSAH to C86 after checking out the Go Betweens. C86 is a double album showcasing some of the finest tracks that came out in the middle of the 1980s, which is normally cited as a dry patch for indie music. After the end of the punk scene and the saturation of the new wave/new romantic scene at the beginning of the 80s, music started to reflect the consumerist nature of society. With this came a degree of back lash in music from those that still wanted to up hold the ideals and Do It Yourself nature of punk.

This CD showcases some of these bands that often centralised around creation records and the Living Room (Alan McGee's club night that was pivotal to this moment). This CD goes from the obscure (like Age of Chance and The Revolving Paint Dream) to the most successful candidates of that era for example Primal Scream and The Jesus and Mary Chain. With this CD you get a greater understanding of the music that was around then and gives you a deeper degree of knowledge on music that is around now. Primal Scream are still kicking around and The Jesus and Mary Chain have reformed for gigs, which demonstrates that there is still a demand for this music too, which is great to see as all music should be judged for its own merits. So if you have a couple of quid hanging around i would recommend you buy this CD.