Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Chess Club...often misunderstood.

Last night Chess Club was at The Social last night and played hosted to a number of indie acts including School of Language and Sarabeth Tucek. HSAH was there to see School of Language of course.

After taking to the stage later then planned, School of Language cast a lonely figure on the small stage at the Social. It was simply one man and his beloved guitar. Capturing the audience was going to be a mighty feat as the crowd stood, chating throughout the beginning of his set.

The beloved (by HSAH) new single, Rockist part1, was the first track that School of Language played and even in an acoustic form it still had the beautifully simple charmed that recorded version coveys. It clearly became apparent that SoL wanted to create a sound that had a more of a garage feel to it then that of Field Music. What has remained is David Brewis very quirky edge that made Field Music unusual. Tracks like Disappointment 99 sheep of Franz Ferdinand with heavier baselines and are disjointed like Gang of Four.

Although a complete, whole sound was often difficult to covey in an accoustic set and HSAH would be interested to in seeing SoL again to see what he would be like with a full band.

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