Sunday, 3 February 2008

Vice Tour

The vice tour came to an end in Bristol last night and HSAH was there to see the chaos unfold. Although being hungover and sleepy, chaos is probably not the best way to describe the night. The queue was rather large though but thankfully that wasnt an issue for HSAH. Think how bad it was, queueing, when it started to rain. Poor Kids.

Well, as you imagine, when you think of vice magazine, all the cool kids where out in full swing to hear the new sounds of Ipso Facto, Friendly Fires and the Black Kids. Ipso facto where the first to take to the stage and looked as stylish as ever. Sadly their songs still bored HSAH. The first song they always start their sets with is good but as they progress their songs get worse. I suppose it is quite novel to have an all girl group that look uber cool and aren't playing the typical pop music. I do wish I liked them but hey, you can't force these things.

After a crazily long wait at the bar and an adventous trip to the toilet, Friendly Fires took to the stage and they were good, possibly better then good. Could it be? Since acquiring a new member Friendly fires have grown in strenght and sounds. They have managed to make their sound more tight and given it a new range of substance. HSAH particularly likes the last single Paris and the thumping On Board. Believe the hype! I wont be saying that a lot this year so go and check out Friendly Fires.

Sadly exhaustion got the best of HSAH and at about 12 we left the fleece, meaning that we didnt get to see Black Kids...a band that will have to wait for HSAH to criticise.

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