Thursday, 6 March 2008

New Bands

Today marks the return of HSAH. HSAH is sorry that she has been away for some time now but between working and organising a club night its been hard to do anything else.

Now to the subject at hand. New bands come out every day, well at least it feel like they do, and HSAH feels that its only right that she gives you her opinion on who you should look out for.

After reading a recent NME article, oh yes HSAH even surprise herself, a number of slight crazy, slight outrageous bands that can hardly play their instrument came to her attention. Now you are probably wonder why this bunch of seemingly untalented individuals caught HSAH attention. well the answer is simple, their is just something charming about the scattiness and underproduction of these tracks thats makes us smile.

These bands herald from America and HSAH got the pleasure of seeing one of these Bands that the NME named 'SHITGAZE', a bloody awful description in HSAH opinion, on Tuesday night. Psychedelic Horseshit supported Yeasayer at Barden's Boudoir and were stunning. They performed after a very short sound check, intoxicated to the point that their performance can only be describe as a ramshackle. However, why HSAH is telling you about these guys is that in the first couple of songs there was fragments of potential. these songs were reminsct of dinasour jr and had that lo-fi quality that only Americans can do so well!

Also playing at this gig was Pink Reason, who create similiar music to PH but had a more Shoe gazer quality. If you venture on to their myspace check out a track Borrowed Time which is tres bon in HSAH opion.

Other bands to Look out for are:
Little Claw,
Times New Viking (these guys are particularly good),
TV Ghost.

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