Sunday, 13 January 2008

This week's finest

So another weekend has come and gone and all we have to look forward to is ways of filling our evening new exciting things until the next weekend is on us.

Here are some ideas:
Tuesday you could pop down to the Buffalo Bar to check out Hatcham Social play for £6 or check out the Kills at the Soho revenue bar. However the latter might be a tad busy now that one of them is famous!

On Wednesday, why not, pop down to the Buffalo Bar again (Yes i think HSAH should live there) to see So so modern and Maths Class.

Now with the weekend in sight, try drinking the evening away at the Macbeth as riotous, noise makers The Guillotines are playing and you only have to paid £4 for the pleasure of seeing them.

Now its Friday and if you haven't got clubbing on the brain you could pop to the Islington bar academy and check out a load of teenagers play some indie pop tunes. The bands on tonight's schedule are forty fives, let's wrestle, chimera rouge, pull in emergency and one trick band. Tres bon!

HSAH hopes in some way this may help lighten up your week.

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