Wednesday, 10 December 2008

This month we are loving...

HSAH feels its about time she tells you what she is loving and if this works well it may become a regular feature. Hopefully you will also like what HSAH suggests but if you don't it isn't really going to bother her too much.

1. Last FM radio player.
HSAH knows this is a bit of an old form of social networking now but it took her a while to actually recognise its beauty and, amongst other things, work out how to use it!

2. No Pain In Pop
This label come blog come social experiment is suggesting some rather interesting and releasing some uniquely unusual music right now and HSAH is loving it. Carry on the good work chaps.

3. Christmas
If there is a better excuse to over indulge please tell HSAH now...

4. Wavves
HSAH is getting very excited by this artist who makes really raw tracks with true punk aesthetics...none of that washed out green day bollocks.

5. Lo Mo Camera
So cheap, so effective. You can get a Lo Mo Camera on Ebay for about £25 and it allows you to take arty photos. HSAH particular fav is the lo mo that you can change the colour of the flash. Too cool for skool.

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Gorilla Bananas said...

Will you stop loving them in January?