Tuesday, 22 January 2008

What the papers say...

Have you noticed in the Broadsheets recently there has been a number of reviews for Black Mountains? HSAH has and was intrigued enough to check them out. This Canadian outfit play songs that start like they are going to be really heavy but then have a fuzzy or off kilter guitar section that makes them more intelligent then just pure noise.

Maybe you will like to hear this for your self. If so here is their myspace link:

Another band that the papers have been talking about is Nottingham based Clarky Cats who have links to Young and Lost. Remember how disco punk was so 'in' in 2005/6? Well CC are very reminiscent of that sound. They sound a bit like Radio 4 and like Clor but not so experimental.

To check out Clarky Cat, their myspace is:

The next band featured in this weekend's The Sunday Times (not necessarily HSAH paper of choice) is the happily twee Lacrosse who hail from Sweeden, the home of happy twee music. Innocents vocals are blended with subtle piano tinkering and jangerly guitars. It is all very pretty so check it out at:

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